Why We Exist

For centuries, the American Dream has fueled innovation and success for our nation’s economy and citizens. This dream is founded on the ideals of limitless opportunity and social mobility. Education plays a critical role in facilitating both. Unfortunately, many Americans are unable to access these opportunities because of failing schools and limited choices.
As a nation, we cannot afford to neglect our most valuable resource – the potential of our children. Every child has the capacity to learn, and it is in the classroom where we create that opportunity. When schools fail, students are more likely to drop out without earning a high school diploma, to begin a lifelong addiction to government, to be unable to provide for their families, and to end up in the correctional system.

Turn Proven, Bold Reforms Into Reality.

The first step is a simple one. We must stop pre-judging children based on their race, ethnicity or household income. Don’t expect less of students because of their demographics, and don’t excuse their schools when failure occurs. Measure what matters and reward improvement and success.
Proven reforms continue to be implemented across the country. We know what works to improve education: the wide-spread, barrier breaking embrace of higher standards, more accountability, more parental choice, higher quality of teaching in classrooms, and more innovation and technology. Our charge is clear, but so are the challenges.
Thankfully, the solutions are within reach if bold education reformers continue to defy the status quo.
This is the mission of Excel National: to turn proven, bold reforms into reality.