Charter School Accountability Package Approved by Pennsylvania House

Charter School Accountability Package Approved by Pennsylvania House

The Pennsylvania House approved legislation that would improve public charter school operations for families and students across the Commonwealth. These bills would ensure that charter schools operate ethically and provide students with a high-quality education.  

Modernizing Pennsylvania’s charter school law will help promote opportunity and quality student learning in these public school options. 

“ExcelinEd in Action appreciates the support of Representative Mike Reese, Representative Jesse Topper, Representative Matthew Dowling, Representative Jim Marshall and the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools for working tirelessly to make much needed improvements to Pennsylvania’s charter school law.” 

Ashley DeMauro Mullins, Regional Legislative Director, ExcelinEd in Action 

The charter school legislation package includes:  

  • Ethical charter school operationsHB 355 ensures transparency in charter school governance, benefitting both students and educators. 
  • Charter school facilities: HB 356 gives charter schools more flexibility and access to facilities that will help them meet their students’ needs more efficiently. 
  • Standardized process to create charter schools: HB 357 streamlines applications, amendments and renewals for schools and for the enrollment of students. 
  • Dual enrollment: HB 358 allows charter school students to participate in dual enrollment programs so they can achieve college credit and further their future education. 

The bills now move to the Senate for consideration.  

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