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Today, Patricia Levesque, Executive Director of ExcelinEd in Action, issued the following statement on Governor Gary Herbert’s veto of House Bill 332, eliminating the opportunity for hundreds of Utah students with special needs to find the right educational services that work for them.   “During these difficult times, it is important for states to provide more opportunities for families of children with special needs to find educational

Today, the Missouri Senate Ways and Means Committee approved an educational opportunity bill that would allow students from low-income families to attend the school that best fits their needs.  “Every student deserves an education that best fits their learning needs. This legislation would offer low-income Missouri students a brighter future by giving them the opportunity to attend

More Pennsylvania students may soon have access to new educational opportunities through a $100 million increase to the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program, proposed in legislation championed by Speaker Mike Turzai and passed by the House today.   This would be the largest one-year increase in the