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Today, the Missouri Senate Ways and Means Committee approved an educational opportunity bill that would allow students from low-income families to attend the school that best fits their needs.  “Every student deserves an education that best fits their learning needs. This legislation would offer low-income Missouri students a brighter future by giving them the opportunity to attend

More Pennsylvania students may soon have access to new educational opportunities through a $100 million increase to the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program, proposed in legislation championed by Speaker Mike Turzai and passed by the House today.   This would be the largest one-year increase in the

Arkansas senators passed a bill today that would give hundreds of vulnerable students the opportunity to find the right mix of education services that work for them. Senate Bill 539 would establish a $3 million tax-credit scholarship program for students with disabilities, foster children, low-income families, and children of military parents to access

Families would have the opportunity to customize their child’s education in a bill approved by the Idaho House of Representatives today. House Bill 590 creates the GEM (Guided Education Management) Scholarship. This innovative proposal would help qualified families with no

Today the Idaho House Education Committee approved legislation establishing a scholarship for families who need additional education alternatives to fit their child’s unique learning needs. House Bill 590 now heads to the House floor for further consideration. The bill would

Idaho Education News has published a thoughtful explanation of the legislative proposal to provide GEM Scholarships to Idaho families who need and deserve the freedom to find the best educational fit for their unique needs. House Bill 590 would provide a private scholarship