Our Policies

There is no single solution to correct the education crisis in America. Yet through comprehensive reform, we can create an education system where every child has access to a high-quality, customized education. ExcelinEd in Action is turning reform into reality with student-focused policies that allow each child to achieve his or her potential for learning and prepare all students for success in the 21st century. Centered on student achievement, accountability, and customized choices for America’s families, our signature policies increase expectations for students and teachers and provide students with ready access to a quality education.

Preparing Students for College and Career

  • We support policies that prepare students for college and careers through high academic standards, challenging preparatory courses, dual-enrollment options for students, and rigorous industry certifications.

Enhancing Education with Technology

  • We support policies that use technology to provide students with access to a high-quality, customized education and empower teachers to help their students succeed.

Empowering Families with Choice

  • We support policies that empower families to choose the public, charter, private, virtual or home school that best meets their child’s needs.

Raising Expectations and Increasing Accountability

  • We support proven policies that hold students and schools to high academic standards based on student learning, promote rigorous measurement of progress, and report results in simple and transparent formats like grading schools on an A-F scale.

Prioritizing Early Literacy

  • We support policies that prioritize early literacy by implementing performance-based promotion and rigorous interventions, beginning in kindergarten and particularly for third-grade students who are more likely to drop out of school if promoted to fourth grade without basic reading skills.

Promoting Effective Educators

  • We support policies that promote effective educators by making decisions regarding retention and tenure-based classroom performance, implementing data-based evaluations and compensation, and providing alternative paths to certification/licensure.

Funding Proven Strategies

  • We support policies that incentivize achievement, invest in results, and recognize and reward student learning instead of seat-time.

America's Education System is in crisis, but we can fix it.