Our Plan

America's education system is in crisis, but we can fix it.

ExcelinEd in Action is advancing student-focused policies that allow every child to achieve his or her potential for learning and prepare all students for success in the 21st century. Centered on student achievement, accountability and customized choices for America’s families, our policies are increasing expectations for students and teachers and providing students with ready access to a quality education. ExcelinEd in Action is working with policymakers who are committed to student achievement, parental choice and strong accountability. We are promoting education reform policy and legislation at the state level and building public support for reform policies by:
  • Pursuing policies that improve student learning and expand educational choice;
  • Actively identifying and supporting education reform champions in governors’ offices, state legislatures and state departments of education;
  • Protecting reforms already in place from the special interest’s continuous attacks to return to the status quo, and
  • Shaping the public debate on education reform and motivating others to take action.