Alabama Lawmakers Increase Funding for Student-Centered Policies


Over the weekend, the Alabama Legislature approved the education budget, which included additional funding for a range of student-centered policies. Although not the $441 million increase originally planned, lawmakers were able to provide a $91 million increase over the FY2020 budget despite significant COVID-19-related budget impacts. Highlights include:

“During this time of budgetary uncertainty, we applaud Alabama lawmakers for prioritizing the needs of all students from pre-K through graduation. Prioritizing key investments, such as early literacy programs and courses that prepare students entering the workforce with the skills needed in today’s job market, will set Alabama’s students on a path to success in the classroom and beyond. ExcelinEd in Action appreciates the support of Alabama leaders and A+ Education Partnership who are working diligently to serve Alabama students in this challenging environment.”

Tom Greene, ExcelinEd in Action National Legislative Director

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