Arizona House Supports Removing Barriers to Innovation in Schools

Arizona House Supports Removing Barriers to Innovation in Schools

The Arizona House passed a bill to give public schools the ability to better customize student learning by allowing a more innovative academic environment for all students. House Bill 2448, sponsored by Rep. Michelle Udall, gives schools the flexibility to identify the laws, regulations or policies that can be obstacles to innovation and provides an avenue for developing alternative solutions that work best for their students. Examples of flexibilities include providing the freedom to be creative in how and when students are taught, ability to develop innovative staffing structures and increased agency over curriculum.

“This legislation would give schools the flexibility to rethink and redesign what the traditional vision of school looks like and increase educational equity across the state. Policymakers are sending a clear message that Arizona encourages innovation and will partner with school leaders to find new or better ways to meet the unique learning needs of the state’s students.”

Brad Galbraith, Regional Legislative Director, ExcelinEd in Action

Under this legislation, schools will be able to assess the unique challenges their students and local communities face and make improvements to meet those immediate needs, as well as identify future education improvements.

Next generation learning prioritizes innovative, student-centered practices that can transform conventional, one-size-fits-all systems to systems that identify and adapt to student needs. The hallmark of next generation learning programs is the opportunity for participating school districts or schools to identify and request exemption from the state laws and policies that present obstacles to innovation and improvement.

The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration.

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