Key Committee Approves A ‘Brighter Future’ for Missouri Students

Key Committee Approves A ‘Brighter Future’ for Missouri Students

Today, the MissourSenate Ways and Means Committee approved an educational opportunity bill that would allow students from low-income families to attend the school that best fits their needs. 

“Every student deserves an education that best fits their learning needs. This legislation would offer low-income Missouri students a brighter future by giving them the opportunity to attend a school that might have been financially out of reach for the family. This vote is especially timely given the nationwide celebration of school choice this week. We are grateful to Senator Mike Cierpiot and the American Federation for Children for their leadership and commitment to expanding educational opportunities for students. 

Zach Eckert, Regional Legislative Director, ExcelinEd in Action 

Missouri Senate Bill 581, sponsored by Sen. Mike Cierpiot, establishes the “Show Me a Brighter Future Scholarship Act” that gives low-income students the opportunity to attend a school that best fits their learning needs. The bill would make financially struggling students eligible to receive scholarships for their K-12 educations through the state’s 529 program. The scholarships would be funded by voluntary donations from businesses and individuals that are eligible to receive a state tax credit in return.  

With over 20 programs across the nation, tax credit scholarships are one of the fastest growing school choice programsincluding programs in neighboring states such as Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas and Oklahoma.  

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