Nevada Families Successfully Protect Opportunity Scholarships

Nevada Families Successfully Protect Opportunity Scholarships

Statement from Tom Greene, Senior Regional Legislative Director, on the Nevada Legislature funding the Nevada Opportunity Scholarship Program.

“Nevada policymakers voted yesterday to continue to fund the approximately 2,300 students participating in the state’s Opportunity Scholarship program. These scholarships are helping families afford educational options they could not afford otherwise.

“The continued funding of these scholarships was clearly the result of the advocacy of hard-working Nevada families and students from across the state. At a time when lawmakers were threatening to end the program, these families made a statement that school choice should not be only for the wealthy and well-connected.

“While we are disappointed that lawmakers seem intent on preventing more students from enjoying the educational freedom that has changed so many lives, we look forward to working with Nevada leaders in the future to expand these opportunities to families unable to afford additional school options.”

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