Arkansas Senate Supports Educational Opportunities for Vulnerable Students

Arkansas Senate Supports Educational Opportunities for Vulnerable Students

Arkansas senators passed a bill today that would give hundreds of vulnerable students the opportunity to find the right mix of education services that work for them. Senate Bill 539 would establish a $3 million tax-credit scholarship program for students with disabilities, foster children, low-income families, and children of military parents to access an educational environment that best meets their needs. Families could use the scholarship to pay for private school tuition, educational therapies, tutoring, online learning, textbooks and other education-related services and products. The program would serve approximately 400 families. 

The scholarships would be funded by private individuals or businesses who would be eligible to receive a tax credit for the amount contributed to the scholarship fund. 

Education is not one-size-fits-all. Regardless of income or where they live, families deserve the power to find the best educational fit for their children’s unique needs. When students thrive, the entire state benefits. 

“ExcelinEd in Action would like to thank the many leaders who have worked diligently to help Arkansas’ families, including the bill sponsors Senator Blake Johnson and Representative Ken Bragg, Governor Asa Hutchinson and Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin.” 

Nathan Hoffman, Regional Legislative Director, ExcelinEd in Action 

The bill now heads to the House for consideration. 

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