Mississippi Senate Approves Career Pathways Legislation

Mississippi Senate Approves Career Pathways Legislation

The Mississippi Senate passed legislation today that expands rigorous and meaningful career pathways in high school. Senate Bill 2447, sponsored by Senator Gray Tollison, would reward schools with incentive funding based on the number of students who earn industry certifications or credentials that are tied to the state’s labor market demand.

This bill also elevates the voice and role of employers in Mississippi’s workforce education system by ensuring that business and labor leaders are included in the certification identification process. The goal is to ensure that schools are investing in career and technical education programs that will put students on the path to in-demand, high-wage careers after high school.

“Industry certifications allow students to demonstrate employer-verified skill sets that lead to high-skill, high-demand and high-wage jobs. We thank Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves, Senator Gray Tollison, Senator Brice Wiggins and Senator Buck Clarke for championing this legislation to better prepare Mississippi students for a successful career.”

Nathan Hoffman, ExcelinEd in Action Gulf Regional Legislative Director

The bill now moves to the House for consideration.

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