Oklahoma House Offers Support for More Transparent School Financial Data

Oklahoma House Offers Support for More Transparent School Financial Data

Oklahoma parents and school leaders are one step closer to accessing enhanced information on how much funding a school is getting and also spending per student after the House passed fiscal transparency legislation yesterday.

House Bill 3540, sponsored by Representative Chad Caldwell, builds upon the state’s existing School District Transparency Act to require the Department of Education to include district and school-level revenue and expenditure data on its website. Additionally, it requires local school districts to link to this data on their websites. This ensures financial data is easily accessible for parents, school leaders and members of the community. It will also promote resource effectiveness, school empowerment and fairness.

“When parents, community members, school leaders and policymakers are informed about how funds are spent at each school, they can make better decisions about how to allocate resources to drive student success. They can compare how spending on key activities compares to similar schools that are getting better results to make adjustments.

ExcelinEd in Action would like to thank Representative Chad Caldwell, Senator Stanislawski and the Oklahoma State Chamber for championing and supporting this issue.”

Alexandra Dominguez, ExcelinEd in Action Regional Legislative Director 

The bill heads to the Senate for consideration. The companion bill, Senate Bill 1199, unanimously passed the Senate last week.

For more information on financial transparency, visit ExcelinEd’s policy library.