Educational Freedom Within Reach for Idaho Families

Educational Freedom Within Reach for Idaho Families

Families would have the opportunity to customize their child’s education in a bill approved by the Idaho House of Representatives today.

House Bill 590 creates the GEM (Guided Education Management) Scholarship. This innovative proposal would help qualified families with no additional cost for taxpayers.

The GEM Scholarship allows families to use the educational dollars allotted for their child to ensure they find the right fit. The GEM Scholarship would be available to students from low-income households (a family of four making less than $46,000 a year), students with special needs, students who are considered at-risk and children of active duty military personnel.

GEM Scholarships would be funded by private individuals or corporations who would receive a tax credit for the amount contributed to the scholarship fund.

“Every family should have the same opportunity to find the right educational fit for their unique needs. The GEM Scholarship would help a family afford the best education option which may otherwise be out of reach.

“I want to thank bill sponsors House Education Chair Julie VanOrden, Representatives John Vander Woude, Wendy Horman, Gayann DeMordaunt, Ron Mendive, Paul Shepherd, Don Cheatham, Dorothy Moon, Barbara Ehardt, Steven Harris, Sage Dixon and Bryan Zollinger for their leadership.”

Tom Greene, Regional Legislative Director for ExcelinEd in Action

For more information on the GEM Scholarship, visit For more information on the power of educational freedom, visit ExcelinEd’s policy library.