Idaho Families and Students Deserve Educational Freedom

Idaho Families and Students Deserve Educational Freedom

Far too often, families have few if any educational options solely because of where they live or what they can afford.

On Monday, lawmakers in the Idaho House will have the opportunity to provide educational freedom to families across Idaho.

House Bill 590 creates the Guided Education Management (GEM) Scholarship. This powerful tool empowers Idaho families with the ability to create a customized education plan to fit their child’s unique needs.

Without taking money away from public schools and with no additional cost for taxpayers, these scholarships will provide more options for families who otherwise may not have the ability to pursue resources that best fit their needs.

Families that qualify can have their child’s educational funding put in an account that they can use to for private school tuition, tutoring, online courses, special education services and many other education options approved by the state.

House Bill 590 specifies that GEM Scholarships would be available to low-income families, families that have children with special needs, families with at-risk students, and active-duty military families or families who have had a parent killed in the line of duty.

Visit to find out more about the GEM Scholarship and tell your lawmaker that you support educational freedom for Idaho families.