South Carolina House Overwhelmingly Approves More Classroom Flexibility

South Carolina House Overwhelmingly Approves More Classroom Flexibility

Lawmakers in South Carolina today took a major step toward giving schools the flexibility needed to truly meet students where they are and ensure mastery of key concepts and skills. 

House Bill 4596, sponsored by Rep. Neal Collins, received unanimous consent by the House on second reading today. The bill creates a pilot program for competency-based education in which students benefit from greater flexibility in time, pace and delivery, advancing to higher levels of learning by demonstrating mastery of core knowledge and skills instead of merely moving from one subject to the next whether they are ready or not.  This approach provides the foundation for personalized learning where each student’s educational experience can then be tailored to meet their unique strengths, interests and needs.  

The bill will soon be moving to the Senate for consideration.

“This pilot will help South Carolina support innovative leaders in improving student outcomes and meeting the goals outlined in the “Profile of the South Carolina Graduate.” ExcelinEd in Action would like to thank Rep. Collins for his strong dedication to students. We also thank Transform SC, the Palmetto Promise Institute and the South Carolina Department of Education for their leadership.”

-J. Alex Kelly, ExcelinEd in Action National Legislative Director

For more information on the integral role of competency-based education in personalized learning, watch Building a Foundation for Personalized Learning and Engaging Students and Personalized Learning, and visit ExcelinEd’s policy library.