North Carolina Senate Offers Support for Students with Education Savings Accounts & Strong Reforms

North Carolina Senate Offers Support for Students with Education Savings Accounts & Strong Reforms

May 16, 2017

North Carolina senators have proposed strong steps to ensure every child in the state has the opportunity to learn and achieve their full potential.

The Senate’s budget proposal, which passed the upper chamber last week, would benefit students and families by expanding educational opportunities, promoting transparent school accountability, improving early reading skills and boosting college and career readiness.

Highlights of Senate Bill 257:

  • Recognizing that students with special needs benefit from access to customized learning, the proposal creates a program that would allow parents to direct their share of state funding to best help their child. These Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) empower families with the ability to select the courses, schools or programs of their choice.
  • The Senate budget also expands North Carolina’s school report card requirements, providing clear information about school grades and student outcomes, and helping parents and communities work together to improve all schools.
  • Finally, the proposal renews and extends bonuses for teachers whose students earn advanced credit or industry certifications that give them a head start on college and careers, as well as bonuses for teachers who excel at teaching third grade reading.

“North Carolina has a great history of adopting bold options to make sure every child can succeed in school and in life. These are tremendous steps that would give every family the opportunity to help their child learn and grow. We appreciate the leadership of Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger and Senators Chad Barefoot, David Curtis and Michael Lee.”  – J. Alex Kelly, ExcelinEd in Action National Legislative Director

ExcelinEd in Action thanks Civitas Institute and Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina (PEFNC) for their leadership in supporting Education Savings Accounts for special needs students, and  Business for Educational Success and Transformation (BEST NC) and the North Carolina Chamber for their support of school accountability and college and career readiness.