Georgia Parents, Policymakers to Get Greater Transparency on School Spending

Georgia Parents, Policymakers to Get Greater Transparency on School Spending

Empowering parents and policymakers with meaningful, timely information is critical to student success. Now, thanks to House and Senate lawmakers, Georgians everywhere will soon have an easy way to access and understand an important component of school performance: local school and district spending.

The state House gave final legislative approval today to House Bill 139, which requires local public schools and districts to publish how much they spend on average per student and how funds are spent. This will help schools statewide learn best practices from one another, allowing them to use funds more effectively to drive student achievement and growth.

HB 139 will also give state leaders better data as they make funding decisions, and will bring a new level of trust and accountability to the funding process – ensuring the return on investment that students, parents and taxpayers expect.

The bill, which passed the Senate unanimously on March 28, now heads to Governor Nathan Deal for his signature. HB 139 was sponsored by Representative Dave Belton and carried in the upper chamber by Senator Matt Brass. The Georgia Campaign for Achievement Now and ExcelinEd in Action supported the bill throughout the process.

“Georgia has been a leader in providing clear, transparent school grades. This is another great step toward better school transparency and efficiency.” – J. Alex Kelly, ExcelinEd in Action National Legislative Director