Colorado Senate Approves Equal Funding for Students in Public Charter Schools

Colorado Senate Approves Equal Funding for Students in Public Charter Schools

With more than 108,000 students attending charter schools in the state, Colorado is a national leader in ensuring that families are able to find the best educational option to fit their needs.

The Colorado Senate showed strong support today for those students by approving Senate Bill 61. The legislation, which has strong bipartisan support, ensures that public charter schools receive equitable funding to continue providing quality educational options. The bill’s co-sponsors are Republican Senate Education Chair Owen Hill, Democrat Senator Angela Williams and Republican Representative Lang Sias.

“This is a great step to ensure schools serving students and families in Colorado receive equitable funding in providing educational choice. We thank Senators Owen Hill and Angela Williams, Representative Lang Sias and all policymakers for their leadership in placing the educational needs of students first.” – J. Alex Kelly, National Legislative Director for ExcelinEd In Action

SB 61 would allow public charter schools – an option chosen by nearly one in eight Colorado students – to receive the same funding as all public schools. Currently, state law does not require districts to share funds from voter-approved levies with public charter schools. According to the Colorado League of Charter Schools, only 11 of the state’s 178 districts share that funding with charter schools.

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