Kentucky Lawmakers Introduce Public, Private School Choice Programs

Kentucky Lawmakers Introduce Public, Private School Choice Programs

Kentucky legislators filed several groundbreaking bills last week to empower families with greater educational choices.

House Bill 103 – sponsored by Rep. Phil Moffett
HB 103 would allow local school districts, the state and others to approve and oversee high-quality public charter schools, creating innovative educational options for families across the Bluegrass State. Kentucky is one of just seven states that has yet to authorize charter schools, which have been providing rigorous, accountable public education to millions of students nationwide for more than 20 years.House Bill 162 – sponsored by House Education Chair Bam Carney
Senate Bill 102 – sponsored by Sen. Ralph Alvarado

HB 162 and SB 102 would establish an income tax credit for individuals and businesses that donate to qualified scholarship-granting organizations (SGOs). The SGOs award scholarships to students with special needs or from low- or middle-income families, giving them the ability to attend the private school of their choice and to pursue new educational opportunities that best meet their unique learning needs.

Americans for Prosperity Kentucky, the Bluegrass Institute, EdChoice Kentucky, the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and the Kentucky Pastors in Action Coalition have been instrumental in encouraging the state’s elected leaders to expand school choice options.

We commend Chairman Carney, Sen. Alvarado and Rep. Moffett for their leadership in proposing this important legislation and anticipate further action on these bills when lawmakers reconvene in early February.

You can learn more about how scholarship tax-credit programs and charter schools benefit Kentucky families by visiting EdChoice Kentucky and the Kentucky Charter Schools Project, respectively.


J. Alex Kelly
National Legislative Director
ExcelinEd in Action