Massachusetts Voters Have Opportunity to Expand Options for Students

Massachusetts Voters Have Opportunity to Expand Options for Students

Today marks five weeks until election day. While many Americans are focused on the presidential race, for voters in Massachusetts, expanding opportunities for disadvantaged students is also at stake on Election Day.

On November 8, Massachusetts voters have the opportunity to cast their vote in favor of Ballot Measure 2, a proposal that expands educational options for the state’s K-12 students by allowing the State Board of Education to approve more charter schools, based on demand.

That’s great news for Massachusetts parents, especially those in urban areas, who overwhelmingly support greater options for their children.

Unfortunately, teacher unions are actively opposing this effort, pouring millions of dollars into advertising against the initiative and falsely claiming that charter schools take money and resources away from traditional public schools. As any charter school parent will tell you, charter schools are public schools, and they focus on supporting the most important part of our education system: the student.

The goal of all Massachusetts’ public schools should be to prepare students for success in the classroom and in life. Students and their needs must come before the special interests of adults.

Thankfully, a large and ever-growing number of Massachusetts parents are raising their voices and sharing why they believe all students will benefit from lifting the state’s school choice cap. They know that strengthening educational options for students empowers parents to seek out the best learning environment for their child to succeed.

Share your support for school choice in Massachusetts by using the hashtags #LiftTheCap and #YESon2MA. You can learn more by following @MCPSA and @GreatSchoolsMA  on Twitter or lend your direct support to the ballot initiative here.