Mississippi Senate Votes to Expand Access to Charter Schools

Mississippi Senate Votes to Expand Access to Charter Schools

Mississippi Senate Votes to Expand Access to Charter Schools


– Today, the Mississippi Senate passed SB 2161, a bill that would amend the Mississippi Charter Schools Act of 2013. Sponsored by Senate Education Committee Chair Gray Tollison, the legislation would give more students the ability to attend a charter school.

“If a traditional school is not meeting the learning needs of a student, a charter school can provide an environment where that student can excel. Public charter schools are just one innovative school choice option that can help students on their path to academic success. Enhancing access to charter schools, as the Mississippi Senate has voted to do with SB 2161, would open up this opportunity to many more students,” said ExcelinEd in Action National Legislative Director J. Alex Kelly.

“We thank the Senate members for their support in building educational opportunities for all Mississippi families.”

The House of Representatives will now consider SB 2161.



About SB 2161:

  • Charter schools would be open to any student within the state of Mississippi.
  • Conversion charter schools would have the option to lease or buy the school district facility housing the conversion charter school.
  • The legislation offers other technical changes regarding funding, teacher retirement and academic standards.

Background on Charters:

  • As defined in federal and state law, charter schools are public schools.
  • Like traditional public schools, charters are tuition free and open to all students; publicly funded by local, state, and federal tax dollars based on enrollment; and held accountable for meeting state academic standards.
  • Charters are approved, funded, and overseen by a government-endorsed authorizing entity, just as traditional public schools are overseen by a school district.