Excel National Commends Georgia House for Safeguarding Student Data

Excel National Commends Georgia House for Safeguarding Student Data

April 2, 2015

Tallahassee, Fla. – Excellence in Education National (@Excel_National) Executive Director Patricia Levesque issued the following statement on the Georgia House of Representatives passing the Student Data Privacy, Accessibility and Transparency Act (SB 89) sponsored by Senator John Albers and, in the House, by Representative Buzz Brockway.

“Data is critical for a high-performing education system. Data empowers parents and children as they map out their educational journey, supports high-quality teaching, drives personalized learning and enhances both teacher and student accountability. It is also vital that parents can trust that their child’s information is secure and used appropriately. SB 89 strengthens the privacy protections for students and enables parents to have access to their child’s education records.

“I want to thank Senator Albers and Representative Brockway for their commitment to Georgia students and families and for their leadership on this important issue. I look forward to final passage of this bill in the Senate.”

Background on SB 89, the Student Data Privacy, Accessibility and Transparency Act:
SB 89 would create the “Student Data Privacy, Accessibility and Transparency Act,” which puts responsible policies in place to help safeguard students’ data and other personal information. Details of the bill include:

  • Requires an inventory of data elements being collected, including a reason for why each is collected.
  • Avoids unnecessary collection of data that does not belong in an individual student’s educational record, such as a family’s political affiliation, voting record or religion.
  • Requires development of a data security plan for the state data system.
  • Requires technology providers working with schools to develop appropriate security procedures and prohibits them from selling personal information about students or using it for targeted advertising.
  • Provides for the Department of Education to designate a leader to serve as the Chief Privacy Officer.
  • Gives parents explicit rights to review their child’s education record, and requires schools to provide electronic copies of student records to their parents upon request.

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